PSI Brand Application Videos

View our range of application videos for each of our products.

INMOULD Original – graphics that mould into plastics

Type 2 – Clearcut Graphics featuring regular ‘BH’ adhesive


Type 4 – Solid Graphics featuring PTAC™ peel-off adhesive system


Type 1 – Solid Graphics featuring regular ‘BL’ adhesive



Type 5b – X-Treme Graphics featuring PTAC™ peel-off adhesive system


X-Treme Graphic Teaser


Type 5 – X-Treme Graphics featuring regular ‘BL’ adhesive


POSTMOULD – graphics that mould onto plastics

Type 3 – Large POSTMOULD graphic featuring heat-activated adhesive


Type 3 – Small POSTMOULD graphic featuring heat-activated adhesive



Mission Kayaking – it’s all about lead-times & MOQ’s


Kiel Industries – the Nestle project featuring 4-colour process


Case Studies

AquaYak Kayaks – just fantastic!


Blasta Cars – a durable solution!


Quick tip videos

ENHANCE Water-Based Surface Enhancer


Adhesive Removal, the spray & scrape method


How to apply Large INMOULD graphics


A great tip for Type 2 INMOULD Original clearcut graphics



Rotoplas 2014 – Chicago, USA


ARMO 2015 – Nottingham, UK


Rotomould 2015 – Adelaide, AU