A Guide To Graphic Finishes

A Guide To Graphic Finishes

Matte, Satin or Gloss: A guide to graphic finishes

You’ve chosen your graphic colours, now it’s time to select the finish. This can play a huge part in the desired result your customer is anticipating therefore we have provided this quick guide to help your decision.

Matte Finish

This finish is smooth however offers no sheen as it absorbs light.


Matte finish will hide imperfections in plastic surfaces such as porosity or mould damage.


This finish will attract foreign substance such as dirt, grime and moisture therefore look less vibrant overtime and more prone to ‘chalking’ (surface discoloration)

Recommended Use: Indoor applications which are less prone to dust and/or where mould damage is evident.

Satin Finish

This silky smooth finish provides a plastic-like result therefore is proven to be our most popular finish. Since January 2016 we phased all previously specified Matte finish graphics to Satin due to the unparalleled advantages.


This finish reflects more than matte this offering more vibrant colours. This also features greater abrasion resistance and will not appear to degrade to same degree as matte.


It will not hide all imperfections like a Matte finish therefore a well prepared or polished mould surface will deliver best results.

Recommended Application: Any outdoor or indoor applications, especially where brand is to be kept subtle and look less ‘sticker like’

Gloss Finish

This finish reflects the most light and in some colours almost mirror-like. Colours featuring gloss will be intensely vibrant.


Gloss is proven to be the most durable, abrasion and solvent resistant finish. This finish most ideal for all outdoor environments.


This finish will magnify any imperfections on the mould so a carefully prepared mould surface is critical to ensure satisfactory results. The graphic while permanently moulded in or on will appear sticker-like.

Recommended Applications: Harsh outdoor environments and classy products where graphic requires extra ‘pop’ and vibrancy.

In Summary

Our most popular finish for all graphics is Satin which is why since January 2015 we phased all Matte finish graphics and replaced them with Satin due to the unparalleled advantages.

Any INMOULD graphic finish is specified on the proof we supply with exception to our POSTMOULD graphics. Due to the print process used POSTMOULD graphics feature a Semi-Gloss to Gloss finish, dependent on the texture of the part.

If ever in doubt or would like us to recommend the best finish for you please contact one of our graphic colour specialists. It is our desire to deliver the most ‘brilliant’ result every cycle.


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