Spot On… 20 Years Later!

Spot On… 20 Years Later!

Finding an ageing plastic product with graphics intact after 20 years of use, in a harsh New Zealand climate, is truly outstanding… we think!

Back in the 90’s, stock feed enthusiasts Stallion Plastics developed the Spot-Sprayer unit, designed for farmers across New Zealand. A chunky but simple noxious weed-sprayer, Stallion’s desire was to ‘fit into’ a ‘market-gap’ during their ‘quiet-season’ and from this, a range of farm-bike mounted weed-sprayers were produced.

Since 1980, Stallion Plastics have become a renowned supplier of complex plastic products, especially in agricultural sector, with an emphasis on innovation from which also stemmed PSI Brand products.

Ex-Stallion Plastics Owner/Director, Steve Crawshaw has always been a ‘brand man’, “Without a logo on your products, if very difficult to add value or gain recognition”.  Frustrated with the existing plastic branding methods at the time and a strong desire to develop an easy ‘peel & stick’ system, the PSI Brand INMOULD graphic system was borne.

Fast forward to 2018, on the outskirts of a small New Zealand town in Southland, Edendale, we spotted one of these classic Spot-Sprayers on the back of Simone Bouwmeester’s farm bike, graphics intact! Despite the cleaning, abrasion, noxious weed chemicals,  harsh UV & mud-splatters we were still able to clearly distinguish the Spot-Sprayer 50L brand, along with the Litre Level graphic (Steve perhaps didn’t factor how ineffective the level indicator would actually be on the Opaque tank).

If you’re looking for durable, permanent branding for rota-molded plastic parts please talk to us. We know what it takes, even after 20 years!


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