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Hustler Equipment

POSTMOULD Graphics for high quality agricultural product

Hustler Equipment, a New Zealand manufacturer and supplier of agricultural equipment, was looking to brand a range of imported sprayers. The plan was to import just a few sprayers initially, so the company could gauge reaction and get feedback from dealers. The graphics system for branding the first shipment of sprayers needed to be quick and easy to apply, as well as strong and durable to reinforce the company’s position as a dependable supplier of high quality products.

PSI Brand fulfilled the requirements on two fronts. First, we provided an application kit and some sample POSTMOULD labels for the team at Hustler to see just how easy it is to apply graphics to an existing rotomoulded product, using the application video on our website.

We then produced an economical short run of Hustler graphics that enabled the company to brand its first trial shipment of sprayers.

The dealer trial was a success and the new Hustler sprayer has since been launched in New Zealand, complete with PSI Brand POSTMOULD graphics.

Marketing Manager from Hustler NZ says, “Our sprayers are exposed to chemicals on a daily basis so we needed our brand’s graphics to withstand this harsh environment. PSI Brand’s permanent graphics have always GONE THE DISTANCE…”

The Hustler team have now established themselves as a serious contender in the NZ spray equipment market. They now not only use POSTMOULD but also utilize INMOULD graphics on all their rotomoulded spray equipment. PSI Brand again supported their contractors to ensure a brilliant result.

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Why PSI Brand inmould graphics

PSI Brand has been manufacturing and supplying permanent graphic systems to plastic rotational moulders globally since 2003. It’s an industry that we’ve been in for over 30 years and the constant desire to innovate and create is what really drives our team
New Zealand has proven to be the fertile ground to base the business with the right types of industry present including adventure tourism and agriculture. We love a challenge and are driven by innovation. We will not settle for status quo and our core values include building on-going relationships with our customers and providing a service that exceeds their expectations.
All PSI Brand INMOULD & POSTMOULD products undergo a gruelling test programme. That’s why we state, if a product manufactured by us is proven to be defective we promise a ‘refund or replace it’ guarantee, so there’s no risk to try!

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